The Valued Feedback

Although Keira has progressed through her creative career with dedicated passion through each and every step, aiming with confidence to strike valuable working relationships and rapports with colleagues, clients and fellow creatives - the feedback from the people themselves has always carried unquestionable value. Here, there is no need to go into too much descriptive detail, because it is the actual gracious words and feeback below that matter and speak all that needs to be spoken. Just a few highlighted testimonials that Keira has been thankful to recieve over the years; to read more in-depth reviews, follow the link at the bottom of this page.


"Keira is one of the best models I ever had the chance to work with, a true muse and highly recommended by me. "

(Photographer Mike Rhys in 2016, week-long booking in Germany)

"Keira is an amazingly versatile model with a 'can do' attitude. We're shooting on the beach in the middle of January and Keira has no hesitation in jumping into the sea to get those shots we had discussed - and she delivered some incredible results, talk about commitment!"

(Photographer Paul Mariess in 2019, one day booking on tour)

"Focused, determined and fearless, Keira is a superb artistic model and a lovely person. Very highly recommended."  

(Event host PhotoClassic in 2018, 3-day event)

"Keira Lavelle is the Creme de la Creme. I would have to say one of the most powerfully, energetic, morphing and adaptive Muse/Models on the planet. She is most conscious to your project and represents the vision you are creating like the most wonderful shape shifting creative."

(Muse Evolution Photography in 2018, week-long booking in UK)

"I was blown away by her enthusiasm and obvious relish for modelling. Deep down we have an artist that yearns to create a beautiful image. She engages, she gives everything for the shot, she cares about perfection."

(Photographer Carl Grim in 2014, one day shoot - 1st of many with Carl)


"I would recommend Keira to anyone and everyone. She is chameleon like and can change a look or pose in seconds, works so hard to get the shots that you need, bending and twisting like a bendy twisty thing."

(Photographer Kevin Robertson in 2016, one day booking on tour)

"As an organiser, Keira was efficient and tireless. Would we go with her again? We have 2 more holidays booked."

(FantasyDabblers Photography in 2018, week-long Arts Voyage trip)

"She hadn't raised the bar - she'd thrown it out the park! I don't have enough words to express my gratitude and total respect for Keira.   You just have to work with her, but please get inline, because we're going to do it all again."

(Photographer Donald Sutherland in 2016, two-day booking)


"Our shoot involved some dark themes that required strong body language and a range of facial expressions. Keira absolutely nailed it. Her years of experience were clearly demonstrated.  I am certain that several of our images will grace the walls of art galleries soon."

(Photographer Doug Ross in 2019, one day shoot on tour)

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