Kevin Robertson (Glasgow based photographer @ The Twisted Agency)

Keira, Keria, Keira.  

What to say about Keira that hasn't been said...  our 3rd shoot in under a year, which is strange as I feel I have known this awesome person for ever.  If you look up professional in the dictionary it just says; Keira Lavelle, However if you look up Mad as a Brush; it also says Keira Lavelle. And both these definitions describe this wonderful model to a tee.   

Keira was nice and early for our shoot (4 hours early...) did this mean she lazed around the studio waiting? Nope she started her make-up straight away and worked on it constantly giving herself a half face tattoo (look in my profile, it's awesome.)   

I would recommend Keira to anyone and everyone. She is chameleon like and can change a look or pose in seconds, works so hard to get the shots that you need, bending and twisting like a bendy twisty thing. She can pose all day without repeating herself. Half way through your set, walk away and make a coffee, she will just keep carrying on posing even through you are not there. This is because Keira has a true passion for her art and doesn't need a photographer present to do it...  We get on like a house on fire and have a laugh from start to finish, don't know if this is the faces that Keira pulls or my singing.... Guess it's my singing then.  Already got our next shoot pencilled in for next year, can't wait...   

Keira ups your game significantly. With the effort she puts into every shoot, in fact every pose, you can't help but try and get your images half way to Keira's standard.  I could literally go on all day, about the cases and bags she brings, just in case you come up with a concept half way through your shoot, about the grass and hedge clippings she turns into 'tea' about the cute Yorkshire accent, about the pure passion she has for this game, about the attention to detail she possesses, about her ability to spot a small thing discarded in the corner of the studio and suddenly it's the 'thing' that will make this shoot. I could go on and on, but I won't I will leave all this for you to find out for yourself when you book her. And you will book her, again and again.  

Keira is easy to direct but the best way, like the Duracell Bunny, charge her batteries (grassy tea sludge) and let her go.   

Keira, an absolute joy to have the privilege of working with you yet again. Can't wait for the next one. And the one after that.   

Kevin x   

BOOK HER NOW!  #Supermodeloftheyear

Mike Rhys (Photographer based in Hamburg, Germany and Studio Manager)

Another fantastic shoot with Keira, well to be honest it wasn't just one shoot it was a full week of shoots.   

We did two amazing and very successful studio days together. All attending photographers where more than happy and we already have pre-bookings for the next time Keira visits Hamburg.    

As the weather was perfect we where able to do some outdoor shoots at a massive North Sea beach about 100 miles north of Hamburg. Look out for the sunset images we did and you will know what I'm talking about. Keira is such a brave model, spending a lot of time in the water to let me take the perfect image.   Back in Hamburg we did a lot of different sets on location as well as at the studio. Covering a huge variety of genres from fashion nude to fetish and girl/girl.    

If you are looking for a versatile model with and incredible amount of poses and expressions book her, you will not regret it. Regardless whether you are a beginner or a pro, Keira will be a guarantee for great images.    

Already planning our next shoots, with a model that seems never running out of ideas and is always full of inspiration for a photographer.  

 Keira is one of the best models I ever had the chance to work with, a true muse and highly recommended by me.   

Thanks for this fantastic week full of shoot,  Mike

ShadowImage Photography (Midlands based creative concepts photographer)

I've worked with Keira before and I have to say she is one of the best models in the business! She is always happy and full of energy and idea's to help with the shoot.  

Just want to say massive thanks, we produced some outstanding images together in the studio look forward to doing it again!

PhotoClassic (Aberdeen based Commercial Photographer & Tutor)

OK ~ what a force of nature Keira is! An amazing posing machine with the energy of a basket of ferrets, Keira will go the extra mile and then another five hundred to make sure you get so many great shots you could spend the rest of your life editing from just one shoot!   I cannot stress enough just how dedicated Keira is to her art. Book her and you will find yourself in a different level. Every shoot with Keira is a breathtaking workout of artistic magic that will leave you stunned at what can be achieved when you work with a model with real talent.   Keira just spent the weekend working on my Art Nude In The Landscape Workshop and gave a virtuoso performance of superhuman modelling ability in some pretty appalling conditions. My delegates went away with a real appreciation of what a great model will put herself through to help them achieve something more than special.   I could not recommend Keira more highly if I tried and can't wait to see what she brings to my Film Noir Workshop in August.   VERY highly recommended.