The Actress


Film work

With naturally expressive aptitude to suit a range of character roles combined with a versatile ability and ease with dialog to subsequently adapt to numerous character personas, Keira has always had a passionate soft spot for acting work. Experience working for companies and individuals alike at commercial filming premises, studios and on location... Keira welcomes enquiries for work propasals in relation to one-off projects, long/short term acting work and feature film roles. 

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Story Telling

Often when we think of an individual who works as a model, the "classic beauty" ideas with a glamourous disposition come to mind... But Keira is also extremely connected with the side of image/video creation that expels a more story-telling purpose dealing with emotive attributes which are deliberately thought-provoking and mind stirring. As such, photographers and videograhers with such a project in mind are welcomed to chat about their piece scripts/conceptual image moodboards because whatever the degree of emotion and story depiction needed... This area is massively Keira's forte .. 

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Virtual showreel

Below is a short self-made (selfie) film as part of a personal ongoing project in which Keira combines her extended travelling for work with the creative professional model/actress occupation that she lives and works year after year. It was produced using only the cameras from mobile phone devices - largely unassisted with material filmed in 3 different countries, though the initial inspiration derived from a working trip to Vietnam. Whilst this particular movie is not pristine in technicalities/continuity (deliberate as a significant part of this project was the very challenge of limited resources and opportunistic filming/moments), it gives any producer/videographer/film maker or photographer a basic insight idea into "Keira the actress" across various scene styles/situations. A show-reel piece in essence bringing to life creative story elements.