The Makeup Artist/Hair stylist

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   Keira's side flair as a makeup artist and hair stylist enables clients, photographers and producers the scope to make fruitful use of ever valuable aptitudes that are routinely required on a photo shoot or filming set.  From the "fresh faced" natural beauty look, to the more exaggerated "Avant-garde" ...Keira applies an eye for accuracy, sculpting know-how, with an art-related background stemming back decades into early childhood. It's about achieving the realest, most accurate finish to the eye that is physically possible - the dedicated passion for her work habitually sees this through with pin-point precision.      

Competent to create styled looks on both herself, or other artists: Keira welcomes enquiries that may entail her solely taking care of the styling side to work with an extended team, or taking on multiple work role responsibilities for the assignment as the model and the makeup artist/hair stylist. This system not only reduces hire costs for photographers and companies, but it also promises efficiency and speed of work with look-changes, where years of experience, trained "hand-face" coordination and understanding from the artistic level have followed Keira in her creative career journey across the genres.

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