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Arts Voyage is an events platform operated jointly by professional models Keira Lavelle and Renaissance as model hosts and organisers. In short summary; the main focus and aim of Arts Voyage is to give attending delegates the nearest experience to a independent one-to-one shooting trip that they could possibly partake in as an attendee of a creative photography event. Whilst the events operated by Arts Voyage promise a significantly high level of "innovation on a plate" amid themes and locations; photographers and creatives enjoy the exclusive freedom of being able to approach THEIR trip with their own clear briefs on what they want to achieve from such a special opportunity. Events with Arts Voyage offer a great deal to creatives/photographers of all levels: a creative holiday for the professional photographer, a learning event for the beginner... With that personalised/tailored touch from every angle.


The organisers put an enormous degree of hard work and commitment into specially selecting and building aspects of the events including: destinations of interest, creating suitable conceptual looks including designing outfits/planning styling, meticulously researching jaw-dropping locations and organising comfortable and luxury quarters for the duration of each event stay. Though each trip for the attendees could be a week/half a week: the hosts never stop prepping and planning all year round to guarantee the most enjoyably memorable creative experience for everyone on board. Around 2-4 trips take place per year, the systematic setup of each trip enables interested delegates to fly to the destination direct from their area for convenience... Everything else from there is taken care of on an all-inclusive basis!  The hosts value the importance of generous one-on-one work rapports, hence numbers on the trips are capped to remain low, whilst quality working relationship time is at a maximum.


Each model host bears significant experience and true love for their work - this is priceless when it comes to location work and adapting to the environment as well as looking after everyone as a united team. Location work offers different (often bigger) challenges to that of studio work, but when it all comes together; it is arguably one of the most rewarding types of model photography to engage in. For a photographer to book a model(s), hire an equivalent luxury venue, organise all the transport and additional aspects/expenses/themes single-handedly; it would be significantly high a cost for them, as well as a lot of pressure/time. Arts Voyage events act as that foundation to still offer photographers all the quality benefits of an exclusive one-to-one shooting trip, whilst taking away the pressure side of organising things at a very good value & affordable cost. There's a stunningly magnificent world out there, with beauty spots in all directions. Let Arts Voyage do the hard work, you look forward to taking the gorgeous pictures.  

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Portugal 2018

Prague/Czech Republic 2018

Crete 2018

Where will we go next?

You can find the next planned trips right here; listed below in order of dates. There are two types of Arts Voyage trips available: the classic duo event with two models and a small group of delegates who will stay onsite at the villa together as a group for one week, but shoot individually as per the one-to-one shooting schedule. Then there are special solo events which are entirely one-to-one in the shooting time AND down time (only one delegate onsite at one time) tailored for photographer delegates who would rather focus on individual model photography in an exclusively one-to-one environment.  Both trip types have their own plus points so please feel welcome to get in touch for full details on the events, including pricing, to find your ideal event.  

Malta (duo trip)

09/05/2019 - 19/05/2019


Sardinia (solo trip - Keira Lavelle)

29/05/2019 - 08/06/2019


Menorca (duo trip)

21/09/2019 - 02/10/2019


Montenegro (Duo trip)

04/05/2020 - 14/05/2020


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