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Arts Voyage is a creative events platform operated by professional models Keira Lavelle and Renaissance who take the roles as model-hosts and organisers of "photo holiday" trips away to carefully selected, gorgeous destinations around the world. In summary; the purpose/aim of Arts Voyage is to give attending delegates the closest possible experience to a independent, one-to-one shooting trip that they could partake in as an attendee of a creative event. The focus; to promise a significantly high level of yield/productivity with quality/non-rushed image creation of which attendees would go away feeling satisfied with on a personal achievement level. Bespoke, tailored, team-orientated, deluxe/all-inclusive, stress-free creative photography events. As simple as that.


The model-hosts/organisers put an significant degree of hard work and dedication into specially selecting destinations of interest, followed by meticulously researching jaw-dropping locations for photographers to enjoy fruitful & varied productivity working with the models on a personal, team-orientated level to get the best out of said locations; which may not be readily available in ones back garden, and be a one-time opportunity. Both Keira & Renaissance bear contrasting looks and posing abilities on one hand - supplying very different photographic scope individually. But in a duo situation - the models compliment one another exceedingly well, coordinating stories, connecting emotion and bestowing endless shapes to produce high quality model-photography-on-location works. With luxury accommodation quarters (villas/grand houses) arranged for the attendees for the duration of the event - this also enables shooting parties to work in sublime indoor/private environments utilising stylised interior, gardens and natural light. 


Location work presents, often greater, challenges relative to studio work, despite this; it's arguably a very rewarding style of photography to engage in. When teams rely on only provisions of nature/a raw environment: often; "luck" can dictate all the conditions on the day just working. But by understanding/appreciating what the surroundings have the potential to contribute; we, as creatives, approach acknowledging resources and subsequently crossing-over raw with stylised in an injection of established ideas. Perhaps as basic as; a reflector on what appears a very simple nude, or a more complex, dynamic "set" with aspects added to what the place already offers. For a photographer to take on all of this: book models, equivalent luxury venue, arrange transport, supply themes plus other aspects single-handedly; it would be significantly high cost for them, in terms of planning/time & expense. Arts Voyage act to still offer delegates the quality, exclusive one-to-one shooting trip, whilst taking away the pressure side of organising and offer a very good value & affordable rate. 


Naturally, when one travels abroad for any reason, something which always lingers on the mind is: dining. "How much currency should I bring out?" "Lets avoid going out to try and save." "Will I be okay given my specific dietary requirements?" Often a big factor of how people plan their holidays, sometimes even compromising the preferred choices of destination/accommodation etc. But on Arts Voyage events, these worries are diminished. Attending creatives can relax knowing they will be well looked after with tasty meals served to them as part of the all-inclusive arrangement in joining us. Combining delicious home-cooked dishes which cater to everyone's needs, plus the opportunity to fill-your-boots with free choice at local restaurant businesses sampling the wonderful local flavours available! By operating in this way, it's ensured that everyone can focus on the work they're producing/enjoy the time on the event without that extra worry. We think it's important to feed our delegates well... After all, being creative is hungry work! 


Let Arts Voyage do the hard work; so you don't have to. But also important to us; that you enjoy a positive "total trip experience" with good company on a pleasant, social level. Our reason for capping our largest possible attendee groups to low numbers is so that we do not become "working ghosts" and miss out on the valuable connections with anyone - which can happen in an overwhelmingly busy environment. Socialise with your fellow photographer to your hearts content! With full house like-minded laughs over down-time too! As working models; we value importance of generous shooting slots for true work rapports; we want to know our photographers personal photographic interests and goals/contribute on a working-relationship level, hence why delegates get exclusive freedom to approach THEIR trip experience as an independent person relative to what they aim to gain from this specialised opportunity.  We provide the support, teamwork and foundations to make it possible, but each delegate maintains control over their visions/interests. 


Though an event attendance for a photographer ranges from a week/half a week: the hosts never stop prepping/planning all year round to guarantee the best possible experience for everyone on board. Around 2-4 trips take place yearly; 50% of which are duo events with a small photographer group residing together but shooting independently - this trip type is ideal for anyone who prefers to work on a one-to-one level shooting, wishes to have duo model opportunities but also likes to include the social aspect with other photographers out of shooting time.. The remaining/alternative trips are solo-exclusive with just individual photographers attending and shooting one model exclusively solo. Ideal for delegates preferring the full exclusivity of time (more flexibility on shooting times). These type of trips also open up the possibility for photographers to bring a +1 if they do so wish. The systematic setup of each event enables interested delegates to arrange their own flights for personal convenience and connect to the event destination direct from their preferred airport... Everything else from there on is taken care of on an all-inclusive basis package basis 

There is no restriction in place to prevent photographers joining if they are beginners/amateurs - we gladly welcome all levels of ability or professional status, our enthused commitment to help you walk away with quality results remains the same regardless. 

See below for video footage of our past Arts Voyage events, and keep scrolling for subsequent photography images produced!

Portugal 2018

Prague/Czech Republic 2018



Where will we go next?

You can find the next planned trips right here; listed below in order of dates. There are two types of Arts Voyage trips available: the classic duo event with two models and a small group of delegates who will stay onsite at the villa together as a group for one week, but shoot individually as per the one-to-one shooting schedule. Then there are special solo events which are entirely one-to-one in the shooting time AND down time (only one delegate onsite at one time) tailored for photographer delegates who would rather focus on individual model photography in an exclusively one-to-one environment.  Both trip types have their own plus points so please feel welcome to get in touch for full details on the events, including pricing, to find your ideal event.  

Menorca (duo trip)

21/09/2019 - 02/10/2019


Montenegro (Duo trip)

04/05/2020 - 14/05/2020


Poland (Solo trip - Keira Lavelle)

10/07/2020 - 26/07/2020


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