My Creative Adventure

The Model & Actress

There has never been a point in time when I haven't represented story telling expression within my demeanour, face and body. I look back to that very first time I stepped in front of a camera for my first photo shoot - it was like something inside me awoke from a dormant state! Over the years of experience, I have now completed working on commercial assignments, artistic projects, acting/production rolls and TV... I still hold it strong to my heart that the love and natural connection to expressing myself to portray a visual concept was imprinted from the start.     

The approach I take to modelling and acting is extremely dynamic: whilst I do not have a "pigeon hole" genre, there are styles in which I do specialise in due to my look and posing/performing capacity. I started this work with powerful admiration for fashion in which I crossover into realms of designing garments myself (see "The creative maker" section). As my self-awareness grew into the appreciation for other artistic avenues of model photography; I became extremely interested in the fine art nude images I was seeing. My own body confidence and shape-shifting ways of throwing classic and abstract shapes soon found me routinely working with amazing photographers of the nude form and it's a style I still adore today as a girl with a true love for awe-inspiring imagery. I can glide with grace and statue-esque elegance, and then 5 minutes later transform my facial expressions to sensuously tantalise the camera with jaw-dropping erotic poses... similarly, dressed up in dazzlingly stylish attire works well, as does the stripped-back all natural look. :D I am a blank canvas free of modifications with a toned/supple physique: give me a creative brief and I will bring it to life! Versatility, hard-working friendly aptitude is a 100% guarantee that I deliver to my bookings. Happy to consider bookings from professional or amateur photographers, artists, videographers, producers - if you have a job for which I would be suited... See my contact page!     

My habits in this line of work are currently to tour nationwide from my hometown base in Halifax, West Yorkshire; and getting to all corners of the UK to shoot with as many inspired photographers as I can on my travels. There's a good chance I'll be heading to a town near you in the not too distant future. =] I am also very happy to hear from photographers and clients that may wish to book me internationally: I'm considerably well organised and experienced with travelling further afield so do not hesitate to get in touch if the project you have in mind will take place across the pond.

The Hair & Makeup Artist

The day I realised that my all-time love of art and my interest in the styling of hair and makeup went hand in hand was back in high school. One of the art projects was a self-portrait which had to be drawn/painted in a way that we felt brought "us" out in the artwork. I had divided my face into too half on the artwork... half of which was day-to-day and the other half a little elaborate. My memories of this project were getting frustrated because at the time, I had taught myself how to do the most beautiful eye-makeup on myself and I was struggling to replicate that within my painting using the oil paints provided. The resolution? I painted the rest of my face as instructed, and then sneaked the work out of sight whilst I painted my eye on the canvas using the same makeup I was putting on my face! The look was perfect and even caused a suprised "raised eyebrow" with the class teacher. At that point it dawned: all the skills we had been utilising in the art class could be applied to makeup artistry in terms of product/media blending/textures/shaping a look to the light and shadow. As is hair sculpting: I enjoy neither one more as it's part of that challenge and journey to define a look or story within a photograph/production.     

I can create a look for the client working on myself or another artist and like my modelling: my abilities are adaptable. Completely vibrant Avant Garde' can be on the cards as must as the "fresh faced" girl-next-door look. My signature is getting the looks to appear as real as possible with pin-point precision on the makeup design/hair look... My eyes are very centred on detail whilst being able to work with speed at the same time.     

This side-line skill is of course a direct benefit to my modelling work: clients may book me to cover both the modelling/acting job as well as the styling duties which alleviates complexity if there is already a relatively big team on-board and cuts costs for the production too. =]

The Creative Maker

Whilst my artistic understanding undoubtedly links in with the participation in shoot bookings that are artistically associated: (sometimes for exhibition, other times a client's personal project). There is an (almost) entirely separate enterprise of mine which most definitely comes in productive when shooting creative fashion work that  may lacks designer on the team (for example) to supply innovative garments. More of an inventive hobby which I manage to scrape to time to do for myself very occasionally which goes something like: making oneself armed with a blowtorch, several sharp tools and rotary tools to carefully design beautifully sparking attire made out of crystals/pearls and whatever else semi-precious treasures I happen to order in. The designing of my body jewellery collections was a brain-wave following an influx of bookings for body-scape nude work. Wearing the jewels under the photography lights made their pigments and sparkle seduce the camera and add a delicate element of (almost clothing) to a beautiful nude image. :) These skirts, harnesses, and mono-kini style trinkets were then soon enough finding their way into my more fashion orientated booking too! Of course I can make items upon request for specific productions that a client may be using me for as a model/actress anyway and making them to fit guarantees a perfect look.     

There's also the heavy duty sewing machines which come out to assist me in the making of bulky outfits: It's second nature for me to fix things up ahead of an arrangement and this gives photographers and clients with a storng interest in quirky fashion good/cost effective options if there is a look desired that is slightly a little more out-there than your day-to-day casual attire. =]     

Having been in the shoes of a designer, I know how important it is that garments look correct in-shot so this knowledge is most certainly valuable when working with a team of people. I am an extremely people-orientated, down to earth person anyway but the fact that I look at aspects from the eyes of the others on board a team makes for fantastic working rapport flow.